GNU diff and diff3 port to RiscOS

Porting GNU tools would be impossible to port without UnixLib.
Note that the gdiff and diff3 executables are also included in the RCS package. If you want to download RCS for RiscOS, you do not need to download gdiff and diff3 separately. If you want the frontend for gdiff you do need to download the diff package shown below.
diff - compare two files
Compares two files and produces a list of differences. The RiscOS package contains an executable which should be placed in $.Library, and an application for DDE Front End. The tool has been named gdiff to avoid conflict with Acorn C/C++ diff. Apart from being needed for RCS, I prefer it over Acorn's !Diff because of the better format of the output and the extra features.
Known problems: Download GDiff v2.6 [102k Spark archive] (12 Nov 1998)
diff3 - compare three files
Similar to diff, but compares three files. No front end is included because I found no practical use for this command in direct mode. RCS needs it for it's operation. As it is included in the RCS package, it is only listed here for completeness.
Known problems: Download Diff3 v2.6 [50k Spark archive] (12 Nov 1998)

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