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Download !ShowRes v2.2 [63k Spark file]

ShowRes shows the contents of a Toolbox Resource file (type &fae) as text. The objects are listed in the order in which they occur in the file. Their properties are shown in the order in which they appear in the dialogues of the ResEdit program.

New in v2.2: The output can optionally be given in the style of a Messages file as can be produced using ResEdit. ShowRes gives extra information in the form of comments to make it easier to see what the message means or what it belongs to.

The file produced this way can be edited in a normal editor and be imported into ResEdit just like the Messages file produced by ResEdit can.

How to use

When the program is started, it will put an icon on the icon bar. You can then drop a Resource file on the icon to have it examined. ShowRes will open a window containing the text description of the resource file. Each Resource file dropped on the icon will get it's own output window. The contents of this window can be saved if so desired.

The information is grouped in the way that ResEdit groups them in it's dialogues. This is done to make it easier for the user to find a setting shown by ShowRes when using ResEdit.

Normally the output is limited to settings that are different from the default settings. When the 'Full info' menu option is set, every possible setting is listed in the output.

If the 'Mess. style' option is selected, the output is in the form of the Messages file as produced by RedEdit. The 'Full info' option has no effect on this output.

The output

Note that the output has the form of a text file. This allows the user to use a revision control system (like RCS or CVS) to keep track of the changes made in the Resource file.

There is no way to convert the output back into a Res file. For a system that does this, see the !CCres application

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