Convert from tokenised BASIC to Text and vice versa

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BasText is a command-line tool that converts tokenised BASIC files to Text files and vice versa. It uses the routines present in the resident BASIC interpretor. The details of the conversion try to match the way StrongEd works as closely as possible.

Quick manual

To convert a BASIC file <basfile> to a Text file <textfile>, give the command:

   BasText -t <textfile>   <basfile>

For the reverse operation (Text to BASIC), type:

   BasText -b <basfile>    <textfile>

Note that the output file comes right after the option letter, and the input file is last on the command line. This is done so that the command line has the structure as used under Unix (and Linux).

To see possible conversion options, give the bastext command on it's own, without any parameters.

The Package

As BasText is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, all sources are included, as is the Makefile. The Docs directory contains several informative files.

The main executable comes in two flavours: 32/26 bit neutral (called bastext) and 26 bit (called bastext26). Normally all you require is the 'bastext' version.

Apart from the command-line program, there are also the assembler routines that form the basis of the program. These can be included in and called from your application. The routines are APCS compliant, so they can be called directly from C.

Using it

I would very much appreciate it to receive a short message from you should you use this tool. This will help me to get an idea at to how widespread the demand for it is. This in turn allows me to decide how much work to put into improvements.

You can find the email address inside the package, or use the contacts link below.

For questions, remarks, suggestions, comments etc. see the contacts page

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