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A module to convert dates to different calendars

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Download Calendar v0.10 (22-Sep-2003) [64k Spark archive]

What is Calendar

This module was designed to convert dates from one calendar to another, for example between Gregorian and Julian. As a side-effect it will also let jou do calculations on dates within the same calendar. E.g. you can find out how many days there are between 1961-APR-06 and 1988-Aug-22. You can read a preliminary HTML version of the manual [23k] for more details.


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Future features

Giving the module away

You are strongly advised to distribute the Calendar module and the accompanying files and to give it to any RISC OS machine owners you know. This module and the accompanying files are FREEWARE, i.e. it may be copied freely, provided that no part of it is deleted or changed and that it is not sold for profit.
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