A Diff tool with Throwback

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What is DiffTB?

This is a hack that allows diff output to be shown in a Thowback window. This version by Druck and me, based on the publication on comp.sys.acorn.programmer by Druck (David J. Ruck).


Put !DiffTB in your AcornC_C++.Tools or AcornC/C++.Tools directory, next to the original !Diff. Put the DiffTB Obey file and the diffThrowB BASIC file in $.Library, next to the original Acorn diff.


Use the same way as you use !Diff. This tool will, as an extra, produce Throwback output based on the normal diff output. Clicking on the throwback items will open the relevant file on the corresponding line.

How it works

It is a modification of the !Diff description. In stead of calling the diff program, the DiffTB Obey file is called. This calls diff and captures the output in a scrap file. This output is then processed by diffThrowB, which generates the Throwback messages. NB: in a change to Druck's original setup, the output of the diff program is also shown in the regular output window. This is done in DiffTB by Printing the scrap file. If you don't want this, you can simply remove the Print command from the Obey file.


You need to have the Acorn/Castle compiler which contains the original Diff tool and the Throwback system.
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