OLE Specifications

In order to use Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) in their applications (most notably Impression and Artworks) Computer Concepts created a protocol to be used by the OLE client and server, and published a document describing the protocol. The original OLESpec file is no longer available on the WWW, so here is a local copy.

In 2004 I made an attempt to clarify the specification of the OLE mechanism. The original document was split in two files: one for clients and one for servers. Each file is intended to describe how a client or a server should behave to succesfully handle OLE sessions.

In 2009 these files were moved to the riscos.info wiki, to allow others to contribute to the information. They can be found from:

You are invited to give comments and suggestions to improve these texts, particularly if you have experience with creating an OLE client or an OLE server. To do so, please register with the riscos.info wiki and edit the texts.

More information on the OLE protocol can be found in the DrWimp Elixir documentation. Look for the Elixirs.zip file near the end.

For many file types there are editors available (e.g. Draw for drawfiles), but these editors have no support to work as an OLE server. For this purpose Computer Concepts have created the OLESupport module. This is documented in the OLESuppDoc file.

If you yearn for the texts as they appeared on this website, they can be distilled from the initial version of the wiki files:

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