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RCS consists of several programs, and relies on the presence of a few Unix tools. These must all be ported to get a full system. All needs to be integrated in a RiscOS front end.

Parts that are finished

The whole package is now working smoothly. Download RCS v5.7.1.2 [1.13 Mb spark archive] (20 Nov 1998) and follow the installation instructions.

It contains the following commands:

check in revisions (manual page)
check out revisions (manual page)
extract identification markers (manual page)
change RCS file attributes (manual page)
clean the working directory (manual page)
compare revisions (manual page)
read log messages (manual page)
merge RCS revisions (manual page)
three-way file merge (manual page)
Subcommand for rcsmerge
compare two files
Compares two files and produces a list of differences.
compare three files
Similar to gdiff, but compares three files. Subcommand for merge.

Parts that do not work at all

rcsfreeze - freeze a configuration (manual page)
Under Unix, this is implemented as a script file. Something nifty must be written here to do the same job. Will probably be included in the frontend.
!rcs - the front end application
No work at all on this one before the tools were all running smoothly. I intend to make a single front end application to do all the tasks the user requires. Dropping work files on it will check them in, using OLE to enter the comment. Dropping RCS files on it will check them out. There will be dialog boxes of course, for instance with options to set a specific revision number, and with action buttons to call other programs like rcsdiff.

For questions, remarks, suggestions, comments etc. see the contacts page

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