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Download !spin v3.01 (16-Feb-2003) [25.8k Spark archive] This code is 32 bit neutral

What is Spin?

This application allows you to easily manipulate the spin down of your ADFS disks. With one click you can spin the disk up or down. You can also set the auto spin down delay time of the disks and the CMOS spin down delay value. It operates by calling the ADFS_PowerControl SWI with the appropriate parameters.


[ From the RISC OS 3 Programmers Reference Manual, issue 1, page 2-292 ]
"It can be dangerous to use this call on drives that do not fully support drive spin control. The controllers on at least two drives tested hang up when auto-spindown is enabled; a reset does not recover the situation, although a power-on reset does."



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Giving the application away

You are strongly advised to distribute Spin and to give it to any RiscOS machine owners you know. This application is FREEWARE, i.e. it may be copied freely, provided that no part of it is deleted or changed and that it is not sold for profit.
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