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Download !TempTed v2.9 [154k Spark Archive] 32 bit

What is Tempted

This tool was developed to help with the translation of applications. It allows you to edit the texts in Wimp Template files (filetype &fec) without running the risk of making other, unwanted, modifications

It enables you to export icon texts from a template file and, after modifying them, import them back in. It was inspired by the text export/import option of !ResEdit.

Other possiblilities

If you are interested in this program, you may be interested in CCRes. It also produces and reads a text file, but gives a full description of the template file, including things like icon flags and positions. It also works on Toolbox Resource files (filetype &fae).


Version 2.9 is the current release version, and is the first to be 32/26-bit neutral. It was built with the Castle AcornC/C++ compiler and linked with the Stubs library. Running this program requires the Castle 32/26-bit Shared C Library (see System/zip) to be loaded.

Please experiment with this version to see how it fits your needs and report your experiences back to me.

Previous versions

In case you experience problems with v2.9, you may want to fall back to the 26-bit-only version:

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